January 9th, 1pm: I just received an email by our freighter travel organisation. It says our departure time will still be 10am the next day, despite the storm warnings for Hamburg and other parts of the North Sea coastline.

3.5 hours later: I’m checking the position of our cargo ship on https://www.marinetraffic.com/ and its schedule. By that time, the ship was still on the North Sea outside of Hamburg and its departure date updated to January 11th. Reasons enough to call the freighter agency and ask for some more detailed information. And voilà: New check in time is January 11th at 10am. It’s a good thing we made that call, because, as we found out a day later, one of the passengers travelling with us arrived on January 10th and waited for 12 hours to get on.

Terminal O’Swaldkai

Honestly, at first we were just annoyed by yet another delay. But hey, always look on the bright side: we had the chance to spend another day with our friends, who came all the way from Dresden to Hamburg AND who also spontaneously extended their stay. Crazy people…Guess you don’t need anything else having friends like that, except for a little trip across the Americas 😉

Hamburg harbor

January 11th, 3pm: I’m sitting aboard the Grande Nigeria. We just had lunch with the captain, parts of the crew and the other 3 passengers, coming from Germany, Great Britain and France. They all seem super nice. They do think I’m going to suffer, being a vegetarian on a cargo ship but oh well, the sweet English lady just found a cheese plate in the kitchen fridge, which she happily showed to me, and obviously there’s pasta every day, so I might actually survive 😉

Now we are just waiting for the ship to leave the port. Our next stop is Le Havre in France. See you there 😉

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