How it all started…

This is Christian:

Who the heck is Christian, you might ask yourself? I thought, she was all by herself. Almost right.

At the beginning, it was us two. About 5 years ago, we both had the idea to travel across America going from South to North. So, we also did all the planning, etc. together. On January 11th, 2019 we began this new stage in our lives together, as a couple, on a cargo ship.

But one of the first things we’ve learned during this journey was that things almost never turn out as they are planned. So, pretty soon after the beginning, we decided to keep on travelling together but from that moment on “only” as friends. This worked out surprisingly well. Until one of us was driven back home.

Before finally going home, Christian did me a “little” favor though. Within the first months we realized how huge this continent actually is. So, after giving it a bit of thought, I decided to buy a car in Chile. With the help of Christian’s knowledge as a car mechanic and some Spanish speaking travel buddies, I found my way through the Chilean bureaucracy. So, this is my first own car ever:


Of course, this little fellar also has a name. Considering the background of our story, there was only one option as a name: Murphy. Anyone who doesn’t understand the hint, just ask Google about Murphy’s Law.

So, the adventure continues, solo but with Murphy…

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