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While one is sitting in an office, trying to produce some code, the other is repairing vehicles. Both could be enjoying a simple life, with pleasant working environments and a good salary. Instead they are waiting for the hours to pass by, dreaming their little backpacking dream. For this they are about to give up quite a few things: apartment, jobs, car, everyday routine, a nice and safe environment. And what’s more important: They are about to leave behind their friends, family and the two most adorable cats.


All this for a trip with an open end, without being under the pressure of having to return at a specific time. The goal is to get from South to North America, from Ushuaia to somewhere in Alaska, USA, just with their backpacks. How much time are we planning to need for this? As long as the money will last or until we want to go home again. We want to travel slowly and try to do this without flying, as long it is possible, while also emphasizing ways of sustainability.

We took the first real step towards our journey on December 18th, 2017. That’s the day we bought the tickets for a freighter from Hamburg to Rio de Janeiro. The departure is supposed to be exactly a year later. As we were telling friends and family about the exciting news, some of them started to let go of their hope that this whole idea was just a crazy thought of ours. As for myself…back then the year left before the start of the trip just felt like an eternity.


It feels like not even 5 minutes later, that I’m walking along the halls of the building of my current employer to give back my access key. It’s October 30, 2018 and right in that moment I ask myself where the past months have gone. So much has happened, Christian and I can barely realize all of it. We have already given up our own apartment and I’ve been sleeping on the couch of some friends for a month by then. As we are at it: Thanks again to everybody for letting me stay with you! I hope I can give it back to you somehow some day :*

Unemployed and homeless – sounds like horror for most people, but for us it’s just the start of a new kind of living…

Last night in the appartment
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