Rain is pouring down on me. The campsite for the night provides no shelter, just an open field in a valley of the mountains. I can barely feel my fingers. I’m focusing on getting my tent out while at the same time trying to keep my backpack and its contents as dry as possible.

Tik Tik Tik…Tik Tik Tik…Tik Tik Tik…

A few minutes later, my tent is set up with all my stuff and myself inside. I crawl into my damp sleeping bag to warm up before I was going to make dinner. I listen to the raindrops falling down on the tent roof. I love that noise. It is not even 4 PM yet but feeling all cozy and happy I fall asleep.

It is moments like that when I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be. My little home set up in the middle of the mountains after a whole day of hiking. It gives me the freedom to camp in the remotest places and be as close to nature as can be without freezing over night.

Equipment can make the difference…

Things can look a lot different with the wrong equipment and gear. Taking the example from above. All that with a bad quality or badly set up tent might end up in more pain than joy. Nobody likes waking up in a flooded tent. Not bringing a decent rain coat or poncho on your hike through the rainforest won’t be a walk in the park either.

But putting a bit of effort into reading  about the region you are heading for and the preps of your camping trip will definitely make a difference.

That is why I am providing you general and tips about gear and food packing on the following pages. They are all based on my own experiences or information I’ve collected from other sources – I will give you the link if done so. I said this before but I can’t emphasize this enough: Don’t take anything for granted that you read here. Everybody is different and therefore might act differently under the same given circumstances. Take the stuff you read on these pages more as pieces of advice, try them out and see for yourself what suits you or needs to be adjusted. Also, if you do so, you can always drop me some lines via DM. I’m always curious about other’s experiences and feedback.

If you’ve never camped before you might be best to start out with the general tips. There you will find some good basics.

On the pages about gear and food I am giving you some details about the HOW and especially the WHAT I pack for my hiking trips.

Enjoy! 🙂