“Not all those who wander are lost.”

A quote by J.R.R. Tolkien that is not only catchy but also describes my kind of travel quite well. Travel is about the experiences I make while traveling. The destination I am heading for doesn’t really matter. A fair many times I don’t even end up where I intended to go. Something I learned quite early is the more plans you have the more can go wrong. Having no plans gives you more options to adjust to unexpected circumstances. Life is full of those. Planning also limits your chances of actually experiencing a new environment. How can you make plans about a place when you have no idea yet what is going on there? Everything you read before is brushed by the subjectivity of the people you heard it from. Don’t get me wrong, a certain amount of plans can be useful, depending on where you are going even necessary, but always try to keep the ability to adjust because you will never know what is coming no matter how much of planning is done in advance.

This kind of approach to traveling will eventually lead to slow travel. At least, it does for me.

Here is a little example…

The first time I went to Buenos Aires my travel buddy and I originally planned for only a few days. It is a big city and usually I only use these as an inbetweener for hikes or if needed for further travel. In this case it was a welcomed stop between several bus rides from Rio De Janeiro to Ushuaia. We ended up staying almost 2 weeks. It doesn’t happen very often but some cities have a certain charm that even I can’t or want to escape from 😉

Slow traveling also raises the level of sustainability that can be achieved. The faster you travel the bigger the footprint you leave behind generally is. For me as a nature lover reducing the harm done to the environment is a major goal. Sustainability is key to achieving this. But I am not anywhere near to perfect and never will be. So, if you find anything on this blog regarding sustainability that irritates you and that you think can be done better, make sure to send me a message. I am always learning and trying to improve. Therefore constructive feedback is always welcome.

The Outdoors – where it all comes together…

One of the reasons why not only slow travel but also sustainability play such important roles for me is simply because I am an outdoor freak. I will always choose my tent in the middle of the mountains over a luxury apartment in a city. If the outdoors aren’t for you, you might get a bit bored skipping through the pages here. Basically my travel circles around hiking, climbing and mountaineering destinations. Everything else is just a nice exception from the ordinary 🙂

You will also find tips around solo travel. So far, I’ve usually ended up traveling with someone for a period of time every now and then – a close friend I started my South America trip with, people I met along the way, friends from Germany visiting, my partner, etc. Still, there’s been quite a few experiences I’ve made while being on my own that might be worth mentioning for someone who also travels solo.

You will find a more detailed explanation of the key factors which serve as a foundation of how I approach travel on this page.