On the following pages I’ve collected some of my traveling routes.

A little side note in advance…I never have a specific route planned out before I do any kind of traveling. Sometimes I don’t even have the means of transportation figured out until I get to the country or the area I was heading for. I usually just collect points of interest as soon as I know where I am kind of going. See the Tools & Resources page for some tips on platforms to use for this. I then figure out how it actually fits in while I am traveling.

So, everything you see on the sub pages is the result of actual traveling. If you decide to use one of the routes, or a part of it, as a layout for your travels, I may advise you to always leave enough time to discover areas yourself. You never know what might come up. You might end up staying longer at that one campsite in Argentina because the other folks there with you invited you to an “asado” 😉

Don’t miss out on spontaneous opportunities like that just because your original plan was different. Again, try to not have too many plans. A major part of traveling is the unknown. 

Here is an overview of the different routes:

Freighter Trip January/February 2019

South America 2019/2020

New Zealand