When I started traveling towards South America, the original idea was to go from South to North of the Americas – from Ushuaia, Argentina to somewhere in Alaska. These plans were made together with my then partner. That is why you see us heading for Ushuaia on the route outline first. But as life goes, these plans changed. If you want to read more on this, check out my blog post about it here.

I’ve basically added each stopping point I had during my whole 2019/2020 SA trip. This makes the route rather long. In case you’re using the route to get some ideas for your own trip and only have a limited amount of time, it makes sense to take only parts of the route and solely concentrate on them.

    1Vitoria, Brazil
    2Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    3Buenos Aires, Argentina
    4Puerto Madryn, Argentina
    5Rio Gallegos, Argentina
    6Ushuaia, Argentina
    7Punta Arenas, Chile
    8Puerto Natales, Chile
    9Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena, Chile
    10Puerto Natales, Chile
    11Punta Arenas, Chile
    12El Calafate, Argentina
    13El Chaltén, Argentina
    14Perito Moreno, Argentina
    15Puerto Río Tranquilo, Chile
    16Coyhaique, Chile
    17Región de Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, Chile
    18Puyuhuapi, Chile
    19Chaiten, Chile
    20Hualaihué, Chile
    21Anticura, Chile
    22San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina
    23Villa Pehuenia, Argentina
    24Caviahue-Copahue, Argentina
    25Barrancas, Argentina
    26Malargüe, Argentina
    27Mendoza, Argentina
    28Uspallata, Argentina
    29Los Andes, Chile
    30Chigualoco, Chile
    31La Serena, Chile
    32Bahía Inglesa, Chile
    33Pan de Azúcar National Park, Chile
    34Antofagasta, Chile
    35San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
    36Tamarugal, Chile
    37Arica, Chile
    38Putre, Chile
    39Sajama, Bolivia
    40La Paz, Bolivia
    41Puno, Peru
    42Yanaoca District, Peru
    43Quispicanchi Province, Peru
    44Cusco, Peru
    45La Convención Province, Peru
    46Abancay, Peru
    47Nazca, Peru
    48Ica, Peru
    49Callao Region, Peru
    50Pativilca, Peru
    51Trujillo, Peru
    52Piura, Peru
    53Lobitos District, Peru
    54Santa Isabel, Ecuador
    55Azuay, Ecuador
    56La Troncal, Ecuador
    57Ingapirca, Ecuador
    58Santa Isabel, Ecuador
    59Tumbes, Peru
    60Lobitos District, Peru
    61Trujillo, Peru
    62Yungay, Peru
    63Huaraz, Peru
    64Trujillo, Peru
    65Huaylas Province, Peru
    66Huaraz, Peru
    67Yungay Province, Peru
    68Huaylas Province, Peru
    69Huaraz, Peru
    70Lima, Peru
    71Ica, Peru
    72Nazca, Peru
    73Abancay, Peru
    74Cusco, Peru
    75Cuzco, Peru
    76Cusco, Peru
    77Ollantaytambo, Peru
    78Cusco, Peru
    79Urubamba Province, Peru
    80Urubamba Province, Peru
    81Ollantaytambo, Peru
    82Cabanaconde District, Peru
    83San Juan de Chuccho, Peru
    84Caylloma, Peru
    85Cabanaconde, Peru
    86Cabanaconde District, Peru
    87Arequipa, Peru
    88La Paz, Bolivia
    89Oruro, Bolivia
    90Uyuni, Bolivia
    91Humahuaca, Argentina
    92Tilcara, Argentina
    93Purmamarca, Argentina
    94Salta, Argentina
    95Cafayate, Argentina
    96Parque Nacional Talampaya, Argentina
    97Mendoza, Argentina
    98Uspallata, Argentina
    99Puente del Inca, Argentina
    100Santiago Province, Chile