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I bet when you clicked on the link to this page, you were wondering “Baby? What the heck…what’s up with what baby?” Well, it’s kind of a long but funny story but it might not be so funny for an outsider after all. But I’ll try my best to keep it interesting when telling it. You can also just skip the reading part and scroll down to the image gallery below right away.

It all started a few years ago, in December 2011. It was at a Christmas party of the company I worked for back then. I was still a student and also fortunate enough to call some of my colleagues friends.

So, there we were, having a drink outside, standing around a table with an umbrella above. As we were laughing and having fun, a plastic baby, that no one has recognized until then, suddenly falls down from the umbrella and comes to a halt on the table just in front of me.

The reason why this is so special, is that this company is very family friendly and that in fact almost every woman working for the company was pregnant at some point, me being an exception by not planning on having kids at all. One of my friends, let’s call him Mr Lombardi for reasons of privacy, always made jokes about this, saying that it will also hit me and that I will also want kids someday.

Back to the moment, when this very ugly plastic baby was lying there on the table, starring at me. Of course, for Mr Lombardi this incident was a sign stating his crazy theory. So, we all had a short laugh about the whole situation. As for me, I forgot all about this baby over the weekend, curing my hangover and, of course, doing some major studying, etc. 😉

Then comes Monday morning. I arrived at the office and was just about to turn on my computer. And there it was, sitting on my desk, again starring at me: the ugly plastic baby. Of course, Mr Lombardi had taken it with him. For him this thing now belonged to me. At first I was very annoyed by it, because it was just soooo ugly and seriously, nobody wants a plastic baby. I even pretended to have thrown it away. Mr Lombardi truly wasn’t happy about that. I actually just hid it by his desk but he was only going to find that out weeks later. And that’s how it started, I guess. From then on this baby would go back and forth between him and me in more or less funny ways. I remember receiving a package once while being at work in the company I had just been working at for a few weeks then. It was my birthday and I was really confused about this package. Probably don’t need to tell you what was in that package, do I?

So, on the last occasion the baby was given to me – I was just trying to figure out a funny way of returning it to Mr Lombardi again – I actually decided to take it with me on this trip. As a kind of mascot, and also to make at least someone laugh with lots of traveling Baby pictures.


Baby’s best friend is Yoshi. So, in the gallery below you will also find pictures with him on them. Why, you might think? Well, to put it nicely. Christian kind of didn’t like the idea of carrying around an ugly plastic baby as an image mascot. While we were packing our stuff for the trip, the day before we left for Hamburg, he walks by me on the way to his backpack, Yoshi in his hands, saying “Well, if you take this stupid plastic baby with you, I’ll pack Yoshi!” Of course, I loved the idea right away. I already imagined all the funny pictures with the Baby and Yoshi on them, together, cuddling and all. Lovely!

So, I hope, you didn’t get too bored reading this story. Enjoy the pictures 🙂

Mirador de base de las Torres in Torres del Paine National Park

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Mirador de base de las Torres in Torres del Paine National Park

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