The Outdoors

Welcome to the heart of this blog. Here you will find preparation keys to the Hikes section. But it is also the section where it all kinda comes together.

As I stated before I am an outdoor lover. Not the going-for-a-hike-every-other-week kind. But the kind that actually needs the outdoors to survive or stay sane, however you want to put it. Sure, I can go without and still live but it wouldn’t be a happy life 😀 Outdoors can be anything that offers the possibility to be close to nature. Though for me it is mainly the mountains and everything around it: climbing, camping, hiking,…

Things to discover here…

On the sub pages of this section I will give an insight into preparations useful for hiking, climbing and mountaineering. Those will be a mixture of what I’ve learned solely by experience or have read and either have already successfully implemented or will try out in the future. For the stuff that I’ve read I will provide sources to give you the opportunity to check for yourself if the information suits you. Always be aware that, in either case, it is my point of view. I am not a professional (yet :P) and most importantly cannot guarantee that my prep advises will give you the same kind of experience they do for me.

Also, there is a detailed section about camping. You will find a lot of tips about how-tos and gear. I will also share packing experiences and tips. Those might be useful, especially for someone who is new to the whole hiking world. But again, note that those come from a subjective point of view. For anything you read on here, if you feel uncomfortable trying it, it could simply be because it is not made for you. Everybody’s different. Some like oats for breakfast while on a multi day hike, I, for example, don’t.

If anything is unclear to you, you are always welcome to pop a question to me personally either by email or on any of the social accounts. I will do my best to help you out 🙂

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