As long as I can remember, I’ve had itchy feet. I wanted to see the world, every little part of it. Dive into cultures fully. Get to know every tiny detail about regions. All the while taking my time to experience.

Things change when you grow more mature. I still have the curious heart of an adventurer and explorer beating inside me. I certainly hope, this never stops 😛

Yet, the desire to literally see everything has very much disappeared. My focus has shifted to experiencing my current environment as intensively as possible. This can take days, weeks, months, years,… However long it takes, or I have the opportunity to stay.

It is nearly impossible to fully get to know a region if constantly hopping from one destination to the next, without actually processing or reflecting what is happening around oneself. In this section, you’ll get a detailed insight on how I approach travel and what you can expect from my stories.

Let’s start by doing a fundamental thing: defining Travel. Before continuing I want to define this term by stating what it is not. Travel is often mistaken to be the same as Tourism. Tourism can be part of travel, but is not the same. It is commonly defined as spending time away from what is defined as home for the pursuit of one’s (or the group’s) own pleasure. A tourist makes use of commercial services being provided. A sort of consumerism is a distinct part of tourism.

Travel is commonly defined solely as spending time away from the usual environment for a certain period of time.

Be aware, that there might be different definitions for these 2 terms. I will be concentrating on the ones I provided here.

For me it all comes down to these principles:

A simple life

Learning / Education

Slow & Mindful Travel




Generally, I try to travel as far away from excessive consumerism and exploitation of regions as possible. Though, sometimes it’s difficult or nearly impossible to manage.

If you want to find out what each principle specifically means to me, check out the sub pages of this section.