sunset on Zgornje Jezersko

Hola y bienvenido…

…to our travel blog! We are Christian and Saphi.

About 5 years ago we decided to give up our everyday life to go on a trip across South and North America. Back then our plan was to be on the road for half a year and on two motorcycles. But you know how it is: Life is what happens while you’re making plans. So, by now the planned time period has become indefinite. And about these two motorcycles… After going back and forth between different ideas of what to use as a vehicle, a car or even bikes, we are now at simply nothing. Well, years have gone by and the trip is about to start:

We have no appartment, we quit our jobs and even sold our car, doing the latter not without shedding flods of tears, of course. So, now we are left with way too heavy backpacks, tickets for a freighter and a few first travel destinations. And after a few delays, the date of our departure seems to be set: On January 10th we will be leaving Germany from Hamburg harbor.

So, just get a cup of tea, lean back, surf around on our blog and enjoy the bit of wanderlust that might come up to you 🙂

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