Hey there!

Here you are and have found your way to yet another travel blog. Or maybe not?

If you’re looking for lists that tell you the must-do’s about places or another website that tells you how to best check off a country in a couple weeks, then I hate to disappoint you. But hey, google isn’t far away and happy to help you out 😉

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Now, if you want to find out more about the journey of an outdoor loving, sometimes a bit crazy, girl who cares more about the experience while traveling than the where to go: Stay here and keep reading…

My name is Saphi, by the way 😉

In a fast living world like ours travel has become a given. Far away destinations can be reached for a few hundred bucks in a few hours only. I’ve always felt that the faster I travel the more I disconnect, not only from my environment but also from myself.

This blog will show you my story and my own personal, mindful approach to travel.

So, just fix yourself a maté, lean back, read, click around and enjoy the bit of wanderlust and inspiration that might come up 🙂

What is this all about? will tell you a little more about me. It’ll also give you some insights on where to find more information on the purpose of this website.

If you want to dive right in, below is a collection of links where you can find detailed information on the topics of camping and hiking.

Get. Out. There.

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